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Unique accommodation solutions created in the hands of architecture and holiday house construction professionals. The solutions combine design, economic efficiency and easy buying and operating.

We provide ready-built accommodation, finalised with furniture and fittings, as well as a comprehensive concept in which all the steps of the customer path from check-in to cleaning have been thought out and can be automated.

We will handle everything together with you – from the first step to the last. Walking the path from an idea to a profitable accommodation operation has never been so easy.


Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Living Area

Luxury with sensible investments

Kytäjä Golf in Hyvinkää, Finland expanded and renewed its accommodation offering with three Uni Villas each comprising three apartments. Effectively built villas like these quickly pay for themselves.

Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf

Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Bathroom Wash Basin
Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Bathroom