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Uni Villa was created out of the desire to create a concept with which impressive accommodation could be duplicated in many different locations and varying environments. The end result is an accommodation solution with every detail, right down to carefully crafted furniture, that exists as a harmonious part of Finnish nature. Thanks to modular construction and technology that assists operations, villas are finalised and start generating rental income quickly.

Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Living Area

High-quality accommodation

Uni Villas are compact buildings comprising three apartments. One villa covering 106 square metres includes two Haave studios and one Unelma suite. The skillful use of space in the villas guarantees the best possible revenue for your investment as several reasonably sized apartments can be fitted onto even a smaller-sized plot.

Detailed interior design in the apartments fulfills the wishes of even the most demanding tourists. Uni Villas can be used as individual accommodation or to expand the existing accommodation offering in the area. By increasing the number of buildings, villas can be used as the foundation of an entire area’s tourism operations.

Safe construction

The wooden Uni Villa modules are made indoors, which means they are protected from moisture. This also results in a short on-site construction time on the plot, and the end result is a healthy and sustainable building.

Carefully planned and breathable structures as well as plastic-free solutions are self-evident must-haves for us. This ensures that the construction period’s carbon footprint is as low as possible. We provide solutions made of massive-wood cross-laminated timber (CLT) as well as platform timbre frame solutions.

In the interior surfaces, we use healthy timber and other natural materials to ensure clean indoor air. In our textiles, we use only fireproof solutions.

Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Bed
Uni Villa Suite Bedroom

Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf

The first Uni Villa entity was completed in early 2021 in Hyvinkää, Finland, next to the Kytäjä Golf club house. It consists of three villas and nine apartments with all modern conveniences.



Uni Villa Suite Bathroom

Benefits for you as a Uni Villa customer

Uni Villas ulkokuva 3D

Comprehensive experience concept

+ Compact, stylish and functional premises
+ High-quality and impressive interior design
+ Integrated with the surrounding nature


 We wanted to create an accommodation experience based on a strong connection with nature. The beautiful experience is simultaneously compact, practical and built with respect for sustainable values.

Uni Villa nainen katsoo ulos

Fast and effortless

+ Short on-site construction time
+ Opportunity to have the villa delivered within a short period of time
+ Saving time – everything is pre-planned


We have crafted the overall concept on your behalf, and all plans are ready all the way through to the interior design. This saves time, which means you can move on directly to applying for the appropriate construction permits and confirming the order with our contract supplier. When agreed upon separately, we can customise models or interiors for you. The modular suites are pre-made indoors – this also saves time on the construction site.

Uni Villa maastokuva

Investment project

+ Good revenue from a compact accommodation solution
+ All costs known up front, no surprises
+ Can be sold later as separate shares, if necessary


When all the parts of the concept are combined, you have something unique, not previously available on the market.

At one with nature

The compact look of the building enables locating it flexibly in different kinds of surroundings. Combining three profitable apartments into one villa makes land use more effective, thus saving most of the surrounding nature.

A clever solution guarantees the privacy of all apartments, and the atrium of the largest unit creates a wow factor. All the apartments primarily face in the same direction, which makes it easier to find a location for the villa and guarantees that all occupants have equally stunning views.

Uni Villa Outdoors Winter

A dream comes true – easily.
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Uni Villa Kytäjä Golf Suite Bathroom